Open Martial Arts Intervarsity – Saturday 31st Jan in UCD

Please see note below from UCD Lau Gar Club who will be hosting the Open Martial Arts Intervarsity in UCD on Saturday 31st of Jan 2015

Dear All,

I am happy to announce that the second annual Open Martial Arts Intervarsity is taking place in UCD on the 31st of January 2015. The tournament will take place in Hall B in the UCD Sports Centre and will have a weigh in start at 10am sharp.
Please find the rules and different categories attached to this email (2 PDF documents).
Now a little details for you: We will have a large variety of options for everyone to compete in. Whether your clubs caters more for sparring or for kata you are welcome to compete.
            There will be two team categories:
            Team Patterns/Kata (Category A) and
            Team Point Sparring/Kumite (Category B).
The four Individual Categories are as follows:
            Individual Patterns/Kata (Category 1)
            Individual Points Sparring/Kumite (Category 2)
            Individual Continuous Sparring/Kumite (Category 3)
            Destruction (Category 4)
So if you are a non-contact club you can compete in our Destruction Category or our Pattern/Kata Categories. On the other hand, if you are a club that trains in Continuous Sparring only then you can choose to do that only. It’s entirely up to you, although we strongly encourage everyone to compete in as many categories as possible. It will be a good experience!
PLEASE NOTE: While weight divisions have already been published the tournament directors reserve the right to add additional categories on the day due to volume and also combine other
weight/belt categories if there are not enough entrants. This is especially aimed at women’s categories as in the past there we were unfortunate enough to have a small number of female competitors.
Please read the Document titled “UCD Open Martial Arts Intervarsity Info&Rules” for costs details or any other further details. The other Document entitled “UCD Open Martial Arts Intervarsity Categories” explains all different categories. We will send out an email in the coming months containing an Entry Form.
For any further queries please feel free to contact us at this email address or by text/call to myself (Daniela: 0877070548), of course at a reasonable hour!
On a last note, please send us the contact details (email and phone number) of your Captain/Chairperson and Secretary so we can contact them about this competition in the near future.
Kind Regards,
Daniela Rusu
UCD Lau Gar Kickboxing Club Vice Captain