UCC Taekwon-Do Club Results from Open Martial Arts Intervarsity

UCC Tae Kwon Do Club competed at an Open Mixed martial Arts Intervarsity event in UCD on the 31st of Jan.

These are the TKD results from the event:

Omed Poshdary (Male Green/Blue belt section) 1st patterns and 2nd in points sparring

Anya Curran (Ladies Black Belt section) 1st continuous sparring, 1st point sparring and 2nd patterns

Erik Borchert (Male Black Belt section) 2nd patterns, 2nd HW point sparring

Luke King (Male Black Belt section) 3rd HW continuous sparring

Alex Gannon (Male Black Belt section) 3rd patterns

A Erik and Luke at Open Martial Arts Intervarsity Jan 2015

A Luke Erik Shane Team Pattern

A Anya in action