Umpire Training Course Attended by Four Representatives from UCC

A.I.T.F. National Umpire Course 2017
The A.I.T.F. National Umpire Course 2017 was held on October 8th 2017 in the Holy Cross National School, Tramore.  There were over fifty members in attendance from Cork, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Northern Ireland and Germany. UCC was well represented with four attendees – Master JB McCarthy, Mr Cormac McCarthy, Mr Omed Poshdary and Ms Siobhan Ladden.  The course was facilitated by accredited umpire instructors Mr Gerard Galinski IV degree, assisted by Miss Jana Galinski IV degree, who ensured everyone was enlightened with a comprehensive and enjoyable programme. The day was a mixture of classroom and practical work. Topics covered included general tournament rules, developing draw sheets, roles of the jury president, centre referee, corner referee, coach, as well as umpiring fundamentals for patterns, sparring and power breaking. It was great day with plenty of information to take back to our respective clubs and apply to our upcoming Northern Ireland Championships in Newry. 
Senior black belts who attended the course included Mr Galinski IV degree and Ms Galinski IV degree from Germany, Master Franks VII degree, Master McCarthy VII degree, Mr Flaherty VI degree, Mr Fegan IV degree, Mr White IV degree and Mr Hosey IV degree.