International Students take opportunity to learn self defence

The UCC Taekwon-Do Club took part in the International Students Day in the Mardyke Arena. The new international students were organised into 6 groups and rotated between different sports over the space of a few hours. The Taekwon-Do taster session focused on self defense so everyone was totally engaged and had great fun.
2.00pm-2.15pm : Clubs arrive and set up.
2.15pm-2.45pm : International Students Arrive and begin first Activity (Table Tennis).
2:45pm-2.50pm : Rotation 1.
2.50pm-3.20pm : Activity 2 (Olympic Handball).
3.20pm-3.25pm : Rotation 2.
3.25pm-3.55pm : Activity 3 (Futsal).
3.55pm-4.00pm : Rotation 3.
4.00pm-4.30pm : Activity 4 (Dance).
4.30pm-4.35pm : Rotation 4.
4.35pm-5.05pm : Activity 5 (TaeKwon Do).
5.05pm-5.10pm : Rotation 5.
5.10pm-5.40pm : Activity 6 (Fencing).
5.40pm-6.00pm : Tidy up and head away.