Training Starts Week of Monday 20th September

We’re looking forward to welcoming everybody back to training. However, there are restrictions in place, until October 22nd at the earliest, that prevent us from returning to full-capacity training just yet. So, to try and accommodate as many people as possible, we have made the following arrangements:
Training will resume on Monday 20th September. Training will take place in Mardyke STUDIO 1 and times will remain the same as they did Pre-Covid – Monday: 8pm-9.30pm, Wednesday: 7.30pm-9pm, Saturday: 2pm-3.30pm.
As a MAXIMUM OF SIX is allowed to train at a time (in line with Government & UCC guidelines), we have decided to reserve Monday classes for BEGINNERS and the Wednesday classes for NON-BEGINNERS (yellow tags & up), to try and allow as many people train as possible. Saturday classes will remain the same.
Spaces will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved by registering for training on the Portal. Registration for training is MANDATORY, and those who have not pre-registered cannot be admitted. We would urge students to register only if they are sure they can attend training, as so not to take the slot away from somebody else.
We know these arrangements won’t suit everyone, but it is the best we can do! We’re looking forward to seeing everybody soon and really looking forward to getting back to normal training after October 22nd.
See you soon & Taekwon!