Master JB McCarthy VII

Position: Instructor

Groups: Instructors,


VII Dan Black Belt

Intro to Coaching – IMAC/TAB

Level 1 Coaching – IMAC/TAB

Qualified Umpire “A” Level

Qualified International Instructor

Qualified Examiner

Safeguarding 1 + 2

First Aid trained

Garda Vetted

Master JB McCarthy (VII Dan) started his TaeKwon Do training in 1979 in Sawmill Street TaeKwon Do club which was the leading club in Cork city and where Master Creedon was the Chief Instructor and First Grand Master Ki Ha Rhee presided at the gradings.

JB received his 1st Dan in 1984 from Master Hee Il Cho while studying for his BSc in Computer Science at University College Cork (UCC). JB opened the UCC TaeKwon Do club in 1984 which was the first TaeKwon Do club in any of the Irish universities. The club grew in strength and at one time was the biggest indoor sports club within UCC. In addition, JB helped host the UCC Open Martial Arts Championships during the eighties when Open style tournaments were in vogue.

JB was a keen competitor at colour belt and black belt level in TaeKwon Do and Open style competitions and won multiple awards for patterns, free sparring and destruction at both local and national, individual and team events. JB also trained with UKTA and TAGB clubs in Reading and Swansea while working in the UK during summer holidays at university.

Later in his career, JB trained with Grand Master Soo Se Cho in Florida, Grand Master Jung So Park in Florida and Grand Master Jae Hun Kim in Boston. JB supported Master Creedon and the ITF Eireann INO in helping with hosting an ICC led by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa in the UCC club in 2011. He has attended mutiple IICs with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa as well as multiple 4th Degree and above training seminars with Grand Master Trevor Nicholls in the UK. JB has trained under Grand Master Creedon (IX Dan) during his entire TaeKwon Do career up to Dec 2016 and graded to VII degree with Master Creedon in Nov 2016. JB continues to enjoy instructing the students of UCC and watching them develop their TaeKwon Do skills

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